Gms en sm

11-06-2020 . MANUS


You are probably using a standard 5-axis post processor for your 6-axis CNC machine and you don’t know how to use the 3rd rotary axes with it.

How will you use the 3rd rotary axis? I guess you already asked that question to the person who prepared the post processor for you..

Most probably h...

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A special application of manuspost sm

21-01-2020 . MANUS

MANUSpost CNC Post Processor application on the mill-turn machine with twin spindle and three turrets that we developed with one of our customers. In this application, MANUSpost is used to increase the production efficiency of turrets. ...

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Emo hannover 2019 en sm

16-09-2019 . MANUS

We participated in the Emo Hannover Machinery and Technical Fair held in Germany between 16.09.2019 – 21.09.2019.

Participants from many different countries showed great interest in our MANUSsim Real NC Code Simulation product and our cloud-based MANUSpost Developer product that we are developing. ...

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Myths and truths about cnc simulation sm

19-04-2019 . MANUS

This is not true for many CAM systems in the market. Only few of them are capable of simulating real NC codes. The remaining majority of CAM software simulate the intermediate tool path data (Apt/Cl etc.). Thi...

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A special solution from manus parametric post processor sm

09-01-2019 . MANUS

Parametric post processor is special post processor developed by MANUS for multi-axis CNC machines that do not have any active Tcpc (G43.4, M128, Traori) or plane rotating (Plane Spatial, Cycle800, G68.2) functions in their NC controller.

Although parametric post processor can be used on all types of multi-axis CNCs, this solution will increase your efficiency a lot, especially...

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Why do you need manussim sm

16-06-2017 . MANUS

Before starting real CNC machining, this is the first thing you want to be sure about. There shouldn’t be any collisions, collision risks (not colliding but very close objects), any NC program errors or CNC...

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Manussim produduct launch

26-02-2016 . MANUS

MANUS Software Team, launched the MANUSsim CNC Simulation Program on Feb 26 2016 which has been the result of tremendous researches and developments held meticulously since 2009. In this event, many prominent leaders of defense, aviation and manufacturing field and numerous well-regarded academicians met up. After presentation made by Technical And Sales Teams of Manus Software, the l...

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Kinematic simulation vs nc simulation

11-09-2015 . MANUS

Developments in the CNC machining industry, especially increase in the use of multiaxis and multi channel CNC machines have also enforced developments in the CAM software industry. As the use of that sort of complex CNC machines increases, CNC simulation software have started to become an industry standard in order to overcome complexities of CAM programming. Multi-axis and multi chan...

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Benefits of using cnc simulation software

13-07-2015 . MANUS

Usage of multi-axis CNC machines (4-axis or more) has been increasing continously for more than a decade. In aviation and defense industries, multi-axis CNC machines already become an industry standard. Using complex multi-axis CNC machines enforces the use of advanced CNC software programs.

The first one of these special software type is the CAM software. CAM software program...

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What is cnc post processing

24-02-2015 . MANUS

Post processing is an important step in computer aided manufacturing. Post processor software functions as an adapter between CAM software and CNC machine tool. A CAM software is used to create “tool path data” (TPD) that describes a series of milling / turning operations using various cutting tools. TPD is machine tool independent. TPD must be converted into a NC code so that it can ...

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