Solution Partner For NC Program Optimization At Küçükpazarlı


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Küçükpazarlı Aerospace, with a fleet of approximately 75 CNC machines, is one of the largest subcontractors in the aviation sector. They are also a highly valued client with whom MANUS Software has been working for a very long time. Küçükpazarlı not only collaborates with major companies like TAI and Bell Helicopter, Safran, and Daher but also holds the DPM status with Airbus, utilizing MANUS solutions on most of their CNC machines.


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Inefficiency is one of the biggest problems in the constantly evolving manufacturing world. To address this issue, Küçükpazarlı Aviation is closely following MANUS Software's G-code optimization software, MANUSsim Optimize, and is eager to collaborate on optimization efforts.


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Additionally, they emphasized that they work with MANUS not just as a supplier-customer relationship but as a solution partner, and they are particularly pleased with this situation. They highlighted the ease of reaching the MANUS team and the swift resolution of any problems they encounter. For these reasons, Küçükpazarlı Aviation expressed their intention to continue choosing MANUS as a solution partner for future investments.


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We extend our heartfelt thanks to Küçükpazarlı Aviation for working with us for many years, entrusting their CNC machines to us, and contributing to this success story. We also thank Hakan Torlak, the Engineering and Integration Manager, for his contributions to the video. We look forward to continuing our collaboration for many more years.

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