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What is MANUSncoptimize?

Our technology MANUSncoptimize, which will make you forget what you know in CNC cutting, accelerates your machine where necessary with one click, saving time by more than 20%, and thus helping you increase your profits.

Success Story

We visited our MANUSncoptimize customer ARM Machine and talked to Mr. Uygun, ARM Machine CAM Programming Leader, who has personally experienced this technology. Listen to our software from the user!

We conducted NC optimization trials at our customer ARM Machine & Engineering . It wasn't our first attempt, it was one of the final versions of our work. We asked CAM Programming Leader Mr. Uygun's thoughts on this study. The response we got was as follows:

We were already post-processor and simulation customers of Manus. We are also new to optimization. We were thrilled when the Manus team first introduced optimization to us. It actually came with good timing. During that time, we had a new business with about 100 orders per month. Our piece was taking 6 hours, we brought it from 6 hours to 4 hours and 15 minutes with NC optimization. We achieved both a serious profit and a serious time gain. We have about 10 machines now and we have accelerated them between 15% and 25%.”

Our engineer, Mr. Arslan asked how much this degree of gain covers the cost of NC optimization in the first 100-piece order, taking into account the hourly working cost of CNC machines, and got the following response:

From the first product we used, the cost of optimization has covered. We've already paid for NC optimization with the work we're talking about.”

Mr. Uygun describes the MANUSncoptimize product as “a magic touch after there is nothing left to do”. Now it is your turn to try!

We would like to thank our customer ARM Machine, Nizamettin Uygun, Mehmet Sefa Arslan, Zeynep Topuz, Alper Ertas and the whole MANUS team.

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