Safe production with Manus Software at Benice Aviation


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Established in 1980, Kaleli Şaft ve Metal San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. underwent a sectoral split in 2022, with its aviation sector activities transferred to Benice Havacılık Mühendislik San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. Benice Aviation holds a significant manufacturing position in Turkey's aviation sector.


As Manus Software, we have been collaborating with Kaleli Shaft for approximately 10 years and with Benice Aviation since its inception. Initially adopting the MANUSpost developer CNC post-processor solution, Benice later integrated our MANUSsim CNC simulation and MANUSsim optimize NC program optimization products, resulting in a significant increase in efficiency within their operations.


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In Benice's optimization efforts using MANUSsim optimize software, a 20% improvement in efficiency was observed for a particular part. Based on this success, an efficiency increase between 10% and 40% is anticipated for other components as well.


In addition to our products, we established the MANUS Support system to provide our customers, including Benice Aviation, with significant ease and speed in technical support. This enables them to communicate technical problems and requests to us easily and quickly, track these requests on the system, and receive rapid responses from our engineering team, thereby enhancing their productivity swiftly.


Our MANUSsim CNC simulation product, in particular, contributes significantly to the efficiency of Benice Aviation. In situations requiring machines to operate day and night, MANUSsim has become an indispensable element in ensuring smooth and secure operations throughout the entire production process.


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