Is It Difficult To Become a CNC Post Processor Expert?


Here we have an unprecedented question. As someone who has been in this industry for 20 years, the subject that I cannot comprehend is why there are so few CNC post processor experts in the world. Their numbers are so limited that, for instance:

  • Only a handful of CAM programmers possess the knowledge to edit CNC post processors.

  • Even the resellers of CAM software, face challenges when it comes to modifying CNC post processors to meet their customers' requirements and demands. These resellers struggle to find technical experts who possess the necessary skills to tailor CNC post processors to the specific needs and parameter settings of different CNC machines.

The main reason for this significant but unspoken problem is the difficulty in training oneself as a CNC post processor expert in the current situation. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons why improving one's skills in CNC post processing is challenging:

1. You need to be a software programming expert: Currently, to become proficient in CNC post processors, it is necessary to learn how to use the post processor editor within the CAM software you are using in a professional manner. However, this is not an easy task, as most CNC post processor editors in the market require programming knowledge similar to that of a software engineer. Mastering this complex and time-consuming subject is challenging, especially considering that most of us are CNC programming experts and not software programming experts.


post processor expert 1


A sample view from a Post Processor Editor inside CAM software


2. You need to learn various post-processor editors within each distinct CAM software: Another significant problem is that when you use a CNC post processor editor within a CAM software, the post processor you develop cannot be used in any other CAM software. Isn't that frustrating? Why can't you utilize a post processor you've put so much effort into for another CAM?


post processor expert 2


3. Not Enough Training Materials: Currently, there are very few training environments available for individuals seeking to improve their skills in the field of CNC post processors. While some individuals share training videos on post processors individually, these resources are often scattered and unfortunately insufficient. If you want to learn how to use the CNC post processor editor within a CAM program, you are mostly left to figure it out on your own.

4. Some CAMs do not allow Post Processor Editing: Some CAM software packages have closed CNC post processor editors, which means that if you use that CAM, you have no chance of becoming a CNC post processor expert. I won't comment further; I'll just say it's absurd. I would never choose such a CAM.

5. Not Enough People Share Their Experiences: Knowledge sharing in the field of CNC post processors is very limited. People generally prefer to keep the knowledge to themselves. This further complicates specialization in this field.



As MANUS, we have a brand-new technology and platform that provides solutions to all of these issues, named as MANUSpost developer.


With this new technology, we want to initiate a revolution in CNC post processors together with you. Yes, together with you, because we can achieve this revolution together. Thanks to this revolution, everyone will be able to become a CNC post processor expert. Now, let's take a look at how we will accomplish this.

1. MANUSpost Developer:We offer you the world's first and only CNC post processor development software, "MANUSpost developer," completely free of charge.


post processor expert 3


2. A Single Post Processor That Can Be Used W ith All Major CAMs: With MANUSpost developer, you will be able to create a single shared post processor for almost all major CAM software packages in the market. Which CAMs? Mastercam, Siemens NX, Catia, Creo, Powermill, Fusion 360, Hypermill, Worknc, Camworks, and many more. This means that you can become a real post processor expert who can develop post processors for almost all CAMs, not just a single CAM.


post processor expert 4


3. CNC Post Processor Expert Training Program: We are not only providing you with a free post development platform but also launching the world's first and only CNC post processor specialization training very soon. This training is conducted online and is free and open to everyone.

Apply to the training program now by selecting "Become a CNC Post Processor Expert" from the top menu on our website:


post processor expert 5


4. Determine Your Own Pace In Training: In this training, you determine your own pace. If you want to become a CNC post processor expert and find a job in this field or provide post processor support to companies by starting your own business, then act quickly.

If you just want to have some knowledge about CNC post processor preparation and wonder if making small post edits would be enough for you, then choose the pace that won't burden you.

5. 100+ Tutorial Videos: As part of this training, we have prepared over 100 tutorial videos for you, all available on this free platform. Watch all of them and transform yourself into a post processor expert.


post processor expert 6


6. Quizzes To Determine Your Level: For each training video, we have prepared a separate level assessment exam so that you can measure your own level and identify your weaknesses.

We not only train you in post development but also provide detailed question sets for testing your knowledge in the fundamentals of CNC programming. We have prepared exams for each CNC control unit, including Fanuc, Heidenhain, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Mazatrol, Okuma, and more. With these exams, you can assess how much you know about CNC programming, identify your shortcomings, and fill the gaps.

7. Hands On Trainings (Webinars): As part of this specialization training, we will organize hands-on training sessions. These live sessions will be conducted as webinars, and in each session, we will address a specific CNC post processor problem.

8. Automatic Error Detection in NC Program Flow: I also want to mention a very important feature of MANUSpost developer: the automatic error detection system. MANUS, being the first in almost everything related to CNC post processors, also revolutionizes this area. The biggest fear for everyone in post processor preparation is making mistakes. CNC machines are very expensive, and even a small mistake can lead to costly damages, tool breakages, and part failures. With the newly developed automatic error detection technology in MANUSpost developer, we can detect if any changes you make will cause a problem in the G-code flow and warn you in advance.

This is an incredible technology, believe me.


post processor expert 7


9. Chat GPT Powered AI Assistant: Lastly, we have the worlds first AI help assistant powered by Chat GPT. This AI will teach you using MANUSpsot developer. Yo uwill ask any questions you want, and the AI will not only anser your questions, but also will direct you to the related video that explains your question in detail.


post processor expert 8


With all these innovations, becoming a CNC post processor expert is no longer difficult. Forget everything you know about CNC post processors and open your doors to the innovative and revolutionary technologies offered by MANUS because the future is here. Keep watching us to witness the future.


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