Air Cut Minimization

MANUS continues to revolutionize CNC machining.

Let us introduce you to the technology of the future.

Air Cut Minimization, developed by MANUS engineering team.

air cuts

I'm sure you all complain about long air cuts, and frequent home returns, at each operation start or at each rotary axis changes.

You're wasting a lot of time on your CNC with these unwanted, senseless movements.

And most importantly, you are losing money.

We offer you the key, to speed up your CNC machining times with just one-click.

Whichever CAM program you use, MANUSncoptimize minimizes all your air cuts and home returns.

And it does this by simulating your real NC program, on your CNC's digital twin.

So it is really safe.

You no longer have to make adjustments on your CAM program to minimize these unwanted moves, or you don't need to change your post processor to eliminate them.

Just focus on the part you are going to cut, and leave the unwanted moves to MANUSncoptimize.

Stay tuned…

We will continue to surprise you...

2022 . MANUS