What Is CNC Simulation?

Most people think that the simulation inside CAM programs is real NC code simulation. Unfortunately, this is not true. Simulations inside CAM programs often could not simulate real NC codes.

MANUSsim is a powerful and affordable NC program simulation. MANUSsim is integrated with a bunch of control units ( HAAS, HEIDENHAIN, OKUMA, MITSUBISHI, MAZAK, SIEMENS...etc.).

MANUSsim is also integrated with most of the CAM programs ( NX, CATIA, SOLIDCAM, MASTERCAM, HYPERMILL, FUSION360..etc.). Pieces of information such as model, stock, fixture, cutting tool, and workpiece center are transferred to the MANUSsim.

MANUSsim Training

We gave theoretical and practical training to our customer TG Defense about using MANUSsim. TG Defense has already been using our MANUSpost CNC post processors. Now they have started to use MANUSsim CNC simulation as well. They will use MANUSsim to prevent machining errors, save time, increase production quality and reduce costs.

We visited the TG Defence Company's facilities in Ankara with Sefa who is a member of our technical and MANUSsim training team member. All the details of MANUSsim were explained in the training that lasted for about a day.

What Has Been Done In The Training?

Our engineer, Sefa, simulated a sample machining operation within the MANUSsim simulation and showed them how MANUSsim works. The following topics were covered:

  • All the collisions and gouges which occurred during the cutting were detected inside MANUSsim,
  • The cycle time calculated with MANUSsim special cutting time calculation algorithms,
  • How to make arrangements inside of NC control editor and NC code was explained,
  • Comparison between cut stock and the model was explained,
  • Gouges, uncut surfaces, and excess materials left on the part were shown and analyzed,
  • The minimum cutting tool clamping and flute length calculated automatically by MANUSsim was shown to the user,
  • Explained how axis limit errors were detected and shown inside MANUSsim,
  • Explained how to detect G code errors before or after NC code is simulated.

We would like to thank the TG Defense Company team, who hosted us at their facilities and listened to the training with great interest, for their support.

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