Why do Siemens NX users prefer MANUSpost?

Hundreds of Siemens NX users prefer MANUSpost as their CNC post processor solution. Why do you think this happens? Let’s examine the reasons together.

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  1. The most important reason for us is that MANUS being the most trustworthy and strongest company in the CAD/CAM community for 15 years

    We very often hear in the market such words like; “If it is a difficult CNC, don’t even bother. Just give it to MANUS and they will make your post processor or “Only MANUS can make this machine, just call them.”. You can’t even believe how often this happens. These comments come not only from our customers, but also from our competitors: “This machine is really difficult, give this to MANUS for them to do it, I will prepare the post processors of the other ones.”. Do you know what is the interesting part? Recently a very famous CAD/CAM company bought a post processor for their customer from us. It was a really difficult machine, but not for us. We understand them for choosing us.

    We want to thank all of our customers and competitors who trust us.

  2. Second most important reason for us is that MANUS don’t leave you unattended

    We never say to any of our customers “This post processor comes ready, we can't interfere with it”, or This post actually works, your machine parameters need to be corrected or “This post processor works like this, I can not change the post processor, you can manually change the NC code if you want.

    This is our difference from other companies.

Secondly, you buy a CNC machine and use it for minimum 10-15 years. You need a post processor for all through your machine’s life. Your post processor should and will change throughout these 10-15 years, since the CAM program you use and the control unit of your machine will be updated. We, as MANUS, are by your side throughout your CNC’s life and step in for all your problems with our expert team.

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  1. We are the biggest team who develops their own post processor and gives post processor support at the same time

    We have a team of 21 people who are all specialists in their field. Our post processor experts are working happily and proudly for you.

  2. We don’t tire you out. Capability to get NC program from Siemens NX with just one click

    You may ask what we mean when we say "we don't tire you out". Most of our competitors put emphasis on that our post processors do not work inside Siemens NX.

    This is not true.

    While using MANUSpost, you have the chance to generate an NC program inside Siemens NX, without even opening the MANUSpost interface. All of our competitors should read this and set their information right. Using MANUSpost does not bring any extra burden to any of our users.

  3. We have much more powerful “Post Processor Developing Editor” comparing to Post Configurator inside Siemens NX

Siemens NX has a relatively powerful post developing editor, Post Configurator, different from other CAM programs. But it is still not powerful enough.

I’m just asking, “How many of you can make any changes in your post processor using Post Configurator?”, “Are you still buying your post processor from your reseller because you cannot use Post Configurator?”.

Start using “MANUSpost developer” and see for yourself how a post processor developer should be like.

Start using now, you can open and review MANUSpost developer free of charge.

You do not need to download the program, you can open it with a click from our website. MANUSpost developer is a cloud application and it is only one click away from you.

We also have a lot of tutorial videos inside the developer, it is really easy to learn.

  1. We solve your post processor problem with multi-turret mill/turn and Swiss-type machines

We solve this so well that you don’t have to buy the special turret synchronization module of Siemens NX. We have a large number of Siemens NX customers whose multi-turret and Swiss-type machines are supported in this way.

  1. When you buy an additional CAM other than Siemens NX or when you change your CAM we do not leave you alone

In such cases, we quickly activate the post processors we have prepared for the Siemens NX for your new CAM program also.

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We prevent you making a huge post processor investment for your new CAM program and completely eliminate the new post processor preparation process for the new CAM that can take months.

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  1. Special solutions are possible with MANUSpost

You have a 6 axis CNC and you cannot use the 3 rotary axis together?

Have you met the special 6 axis milling post processor of MANUS which can automatically calculate all 3 rotary axis?

Do you find it difficult to define the part zero as the table center on your 4 and 5 axis CNCs without TCPC, Plane command? Are you re-creating new NC programs on every part?

Have you met the parametric post processor which is specially prepared by MANUS and which solves this problem permanently?

You can’t generate NC program for your Swiss-type machine?

Have you met the special Swiss-type machine post processors of MANUS?

You have a 6 axis robot and you find it difficult to generate robot program?

Have you met special robot post processor and simulation of MANUS?

We have been providing special solutions for many different problems for 15 years.

As the MANUS engineering team, we are proud to develop technologies for you and deliver them to you.

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